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Some pop culture artifacts defy easy categorization. Some of them attract a following, or "cult," and are therefore referred to as "cult" films or "cult" hits. I have never particularly liked that name. It calls up visions of impeccably dressed young people with scary, empty eyes. I prefer the word "weird."

If you have been paying attention to the way I arrange things, you might have noticed that I occasionally stick things into multiple categories. Some of the stuff in this category will probably show up in other categories, too, but I want to draw attention to the sheer "weirdness" of some pop culture experiences. Also grouped here are things that I can't really categorize or things for which I don't want to create a separate category. Hence, this is liable to be a dumping ground for fringe cinema, exploitation, Euro and Asian trash, porno, Mexican wrestling movies, experimental movies, and the avant garde. Weirdo culture, in other words.

I suppose I should stop and explain that I am not using the word "weird" as a pejorative. On the contrary, things that are "weird" hold a particular fascination for me. I mean, I would rather sit through a John Waters weirdie than many mainstream Disney movies. It's a matter of taste, I guess.