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Newest Reviews Added: 4/9/2016

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I'm mostly posting reviews on my blog these days. I'll post the links here. In fact, there are a raft of new links to my blog here, so enjoy, and by all means, comment if you're a reader. The nice thing about blogs is that they're more prone to dialogue than this stand-alone site ever was.

As always, Horror movies remain the watchword of the day. The maturation of the DVD marketplace has made tons of previously rare material available for a relative pittance. The advent of streaming video will amplify this trend. These are good times to be a fan of movies of all stripes, regardless of the relative weakness of the theatrical product. There's good stuff out there in the world at large, but the business model of late capitalist media has a vested interest in keeping it out of sight. Fortunately, the internet makes this practically impossible. As we forge ahead deeper into the twenty-first century, it's clearer to me now more than ever that the last fifteen years (as I write this) have been one of the horror genre's golden ages.

In any event, here are the latest reviews that I've posted:

The 2014 October Horror Movie Challenge

The Witch: Bothered and bewitched

Hail, Caesar!: Render unto Caesar

Poltergeist (2015): Suburban ghosts revisited

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Blunt force

Spectre: Spectres and apparitions

Viridiana: A cookie laced with arsenic

Crimson Peak: Deeper red

Phoenix: Returned to life

Body Bags: A mixed bag

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie: I could a tale unfold...

Theeb: A wolf cub in the desert

Diary of a Teenage Girl: Innocence, experience, sex, and drugs

The Gift: It's better to give...

Tangerine: Trans women scorned...

The Man from UNCLE: Say uncle...

Fantastic Four (2015): It's clobberin' time

Ant-Man: Hitting the small time

Amy: Rich and famous

Mr. Holmes: A final problem

The Salt of the Earth (2014): Salting the soil...

Terminator Genisys: The future, postponed

Jurassic World: Fang and claw

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Ultron unbound...

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Another white elephant

Mad Max: Fury Road: Start your engines...

Ex Machina: ...I am rather the fallen angel...

Predestination: Closing the loop

Starship Troopers: Toy soldiers

The Puppet Masters: You can't enslave a free man...

Destination Moon: Heinlein in Hollywood, the early years

Two Days, One Night: Dog eat dog world

Maps to the Stars: Monstrous feminine

It Follows: Backward glances

Cartel Land: Law and disorder

Western: Across the Rio Grande

Finders Keepers: Almost famous

Spartacus and Casandra: A better tomororw

Song of the Sea: Myths, stories, and songs

Bitter Lake: A bitter almond

Drones: War by remote control

Best of Enemies: Poison pens...

Horns: The devil, you say?

Calvary: Ministers of grace...

Jupiter Ascending: Jumpin' Jupiter!