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I contributed a couple of articles to Horror 101, a book published in October of 2007 by Midnight Marquee Press! I don't see any money from royalties, so consider buying the book through my Amazon link here so I can see a few nickels and dimes:

My front-page graphic is intended as an homage of sorts to the great horror comic artist, Jack Davis. Davis was one of the artists for E.C. Comics and is responsible, in part, for warping the minds of subsequent generations. I don't claim to be in the same league as Davis, but the love is there....

The Name of this page is taken from Forbidden Planet, for those of you who don't get the reference. It was either that or Saturn in Retrograde (I'll let that cultural reference remain cryptic).

I keep a less formal movie review blog at Krell Laboratories (natch). This site is more or less an index these days. Most of the updated content is fed by my blog, so stop by and comment if you feel so inclined.

A friend of mine asked me if I had a site banner, so here are a couple. Please copy and upload to your own site if you want to use them to link to me, rather than linking directly. They aren't very big.

Monsters from the Id Banner

Monsters from the Id small banner



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