List of Resources for Music (other than the products available from Dr. Chordate) and Humor in the Science Classroom. Please check the Products and Programs page for a large selection of science music available from Dr. Chordate.

Earth and Space Science

List of Environmental Music Resources

There are many performers throughout the U.S. who sing "environmental music", and may list "science" as a key word identifying their web site. Frequently, "environmental music" involves ethics more than it does real science. And ethics are fineŅor at least good ethics are fine. Often, however, these songs are short on science as they tend to anthropomorphize etc. Nonetheless, many of these songs are appropriate for kids, particularly younger ones, and they may stimulate an interest in understanding the environment and in science. Thus I have compiled a short list of some of those singers here:
Large list of Children's Music sites: Children's Music Web

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