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      F9 is a weekly email bulletin published by Spy & CounterSpy. It is distributed free to anyone interested in countersurveillance, antisurveillance, underground urban activist tactics, and tradecraft.
     F9 promotes freedom and fairness in America. Subscribers include concerned citizens who simply want to enforce their right to be left alone. Subscribers also include activists who are working to change a system they see as unfair. Our list of readers includes advocacy groups, dissidents, patriots, journalists, civil rights groups, lawyers, disillusioned spooks, ex-cops, private investigators, ex-military, religious leaders, and many others.
     F9 is more than a newsletter.  The name F9 is an acronym. It stands for federated freedom-fighter factions for forging fundamental fairness first. Nine words that start with the letter F.  Hence, F9.
According to official topographical maps we're 9 miles across the Canadian border, 9 miles outside the reach of the FBI and NSA goon squads.  So the numeral 9 is a very meaningful number for us.
     When your application for the F9 bulletin is received, you're automatically enrolled as a member of the F9 organization. This is an informal and voluntary association of concerned American citizens. You become a Double F (a freedom-fighter for the organization). However, you're not under any obligation. Nor do you have any special privileges. Anything you do (or don't do) is up to you. That's because F9 does not issue commands to its freedom-fighters. F9 does not order, F9 informs.
     Each email address to which the bulletin is emailed is considered a cell. Whether you subscribe as an individual or as a group, you become a cell in F9. No cell knows any other cell's identity. If you apply for membership anonymously, even we don't know your identity (which is just fine with us).
     Return to our home page and click on Be a whistleblower for more information on anonymous email.
     What's inside the bulletin?  Each issue of the F9 bulletin contains one or more of these five types of articles – Ask Agent X, SitRep, Underground Messenger, Communiqué, and Feature Editorial.
     Article 1 – Ask Agent X.  You are invited to send questions about surveillance and tradecraft to F9. Answers to readers' questions are published in Ask Agent X. This column is a powerful tool for disseminating practical information to targets of surveillance. It helps build morale by showing that you're not alone in your struggle against the government's surveillance and repression goon squads.
     Article 2 – SitRep.  This series of articles is an up-to-the-minute situation report about our current countermeasures against FBI surveillance and dirty tricks. You'll read about specific campaigns being conducted against us by the FBI. The actions of individual undercover agents will be analyzed and explained within hours of the actual event, including detailed physical descriptions of the agents involved. The SitRep series of articles is your ringside seat at our ongoing no-holds-barred match with the FBI – covering countersurveillance, antisurveillance, psy ops, and underground urban activist tactics. The SitRep series is practical, relevant, timely, germane. It's the most effective way we can help our many American friends. Because the FBI has no power of arrest and no right to carry handguns in Canada, their goons are unable to intimidate us. Consequently, we routinely make it a point to humiliate their agents by exposing and neutralizing their actions. As different intelligence agencies and security services enter the scene, you'll read about them too.
     Article 3 – Underground Messenger.  This section of the F9 bulletin consists of messages to active F9 cells. An active cell is one that has expressed interest in learning about direct action. Full instructions on how to become an active cell are contained in the F9 bulletin. We have no way of knowing – and we don't want to know – whether you put into action what you read in F9. That's because F9 doesn't order, F9 informs. Becoming an active cell is not for wannabees or bystanders. It's for people who want to make a difference and help put America back on track. It's for people who – like the heroes and heroines of the American Revolution – are ready to answer the call of idealism and sacrifice.
     Article 4 – Communiqué.   This series of articles focuses on the bigger picture. It puts surveillance and oppression worldwide into perspective. It talks about theory, principle, politics, tactics, and strategy. The underlying theme of Communiqué might be stated as "when authority fails, repression begins". Communiqué discusses alternatives for society, government, and individuals – all within the context of freedom and fairness.
     Article 5 – Feature Editorials.  Every subscriber to the F9 bulletin is invited to submit articles to be considered for publication.

Application for a free F9 subscription
Personal information you provide is kept confidential.  We are located just across the border in Canada (nine miles outside the reach of the FBI, BATF, DEA, and other goon squads).
Items in red are required to process your application.  Items in blue are optional and can be left blank if you wish.  At a minimum, you must provide an email address and a nom de guerre.

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Nom de guerre

Nom de guerre is your alias.  It is derived from the French expression for "war name".  In the same way that an actor uses a stage name, a freedom-fighter uses a nom de guerre.


F9 is for residents of USA, although applications from other countries are welcome.  By submitting this application you affirm that you are not a resident or citizen of Cuba, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, North Korea, Iran, or Syria, nor will you re-export the information you receive to any of the above.  Because our offices are located in Canada, we do not email to Canadian addresses.


We care.  Use this space to tell us why you're applying.  Or maybe just tell us if there's any special meaning behind the nom de guerre you selected.  Some applicants have used this space to leak inside information to us.

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If you don't hear from us within 48 hours, we may be experiencing difficulty reaching your email address.
Please send us an email message and we should be able to resolve the problem.
Be persistent.  Sometimes the problem is more than simply a glitch on the Internet.  ; )