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About Us...
Copyright ©1998 Lee Adams. All rights reserved.
     This page describes our organization and the three main participants – Lee Adams, Vickie Nickel, and Agent X.
     Spy & CounterSpy is published by Lee Adams Seminars.
     Lee Adams Seminars is a division of Here's-how, Right-now! Seminars Inc. with offices at 3273 Tennyson Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada.  The company was founded in 1994 by Lee Adams.
     His original goal was to provide business skills training – in the methods of personal persuasion he had learned during a decade of encounters with some of the world's most sophisticated intelligence agencies and security services.
     In 1998 he expanded the company mandate to include publishing information about countersurveillance.


Photo of Lee Adams

About Lee Adams...
     Lee Adams first came to the attention of the authorities during a routine check by a joint US-Canadian top secret research facility to renew his access clearance.  Using the thinking skills he had honed while writing computer programming books for McGraw-Hill, he quickly became adept at spotting the spies and their methods.
     When he took his concerns to the authorities, he was rebuffed.  But the surveillance immediately intensified.  Lee Adams found himself in the role of crash-test dummy as the spies attempted to upgrade their methods.  But while they were watching him, he was watching them.  They were inadvertently showing him their best stuff.
     Faced with unremitting surveillance, he wanted to learn as much as he could about his adversaries and their methods, so he hit on the idea of provoking other groups into watching him.
     The subsequent knowledgebase and contacts that Lee Adams built during 8 years of surveillance is the backbone of Spy & CounterSpy.


Photo of Vickie Nickel

About Vickie Nickel...
     Vickie Nickel is the subscription manager for Spy & CounterSpy. She is a former high-ranking civilian employee of the Canadian Armed Forces. Most recently, she was D/Admin (that's bureaucrat-talk for Director of Administration) at a Defense Research Establishment on the west coast. She reported directly to the Chief of the top secret facility.
     The facility was a joint project of the US and Canadian military. The research focused on antisubmarine warfare. The scientists worked in close partnership with a similar facility located in San Diego, CA. The facility was a prime target of Soviet military intelligence.
     Vickie was put under 24-hour a day surveillance during an attempt by the authorities to unmask Soviet agents. She became increasingly frustrated at what she calls the "stupidity" of the surveillance team as it interfered with her ability to maintain a normal lifestyle. The surveillance team found no incriminating evidence because there was none.
     After four years of surveillance, the authorities finally acknowledged what Vickie had been trying to tell them all along – she had been set up. Soviet military intelligence had framed her, in order to divert attention away from the real moles – and US Naval Intelligence had swallowed the bait. Disgusted with what she calls "the senseless damage" caused by inept surveillance and a bungled investigation, Vickie resigned after 21 years' service rather than accept a posting to military HQ in Ottawa.


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About Agent X...
     Agent X is not one agent, but three. Agent X is our name for what is actually a composite of three people – our three confidential sources in the intelligence community. We rely on these individuals to help us in two important ways.
     First, they confirm the conclusions that we have reached through direct observation, by deductive reasoning, and by abductive reasoning.
     Second, they provide hints and tips – new leads for us to investigate, new countersurveillance techniques for us to evaluate, new perspectives on what is being reported in the mainstream news media about intelligence and security matters.
     Confidential Source #1 – is a former DST case officer. The DST is France's security service. Our source also liaised closely wth the police intelligence apparatus, Renseignements Generaux. After 32 year's service he retired and began to write his memoirs. When he began approaching publishers he found himself narrowly averting vehicle collisions in traffic, pedestrian hit-and-runs, and other lethal situations. He quietly investigated and learned that other ex-officers intending to publish had all died in accidents. He has since found another way to publish – by acting as a clandestine consultant to Spy & CounterSpy.
     Confidential Source #2 – is a former SIS agent. The SIS is Britain's secret intelligence agency. Our source spent a number of years working closely with MI.5 during its penetration of IRA cells in Northern Ireland. He also liaised frequently with CIA and FBI teams during attempts to obstruct IRA arms shipments from the USA. He spent 4 years in deep cover in the United States and Canada tracking IRA fundraisers. He became disillusioned with what he calls the "extra-judicial execution of Irish civilians" during sweeps by the British authorities – and the coverups that followed. He has declined to discuss with us whether he subsequently provided intelligence to the IRA.
     Confidential Source #3 – is a ex-cadre with the Shining Path, formerly the primary guerrilla group in Peru. Our source emmigrated to North America a few years ago when the Peruvian authorities arrested the Shining Path's leader. She is familiar with methods and techniques for maintaining cells in an adversarial urban environment. She claims to have contacts with underground movements in Uruguay (the Tupamaros?) and Argentina (the Montoneros?). Our contact with her is intermittent and through an intermediary, so it is difficult for us to verify her story. Her information so far has been found to be reliable. We have tested the methods she has provided and found them very effective for operating undetected in urban settings.

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Here is the small print.  It appears here because we have found that maintaining a corporate front is the only way we can protect ourselves against interference by governments and their agencies.  The legal underpinnings of our corporate front are our first line of defense against audit-attacks and other methods of economic warfare that the authorities use to suppress dissent, protest, and activism.  They are also determined to prove their hypothesis that Spy & CounterSpy is funded by a foreign intelligence agency or terrorist group – but our double entry accounting record of corporate revenue and expenses is our shield against fabricated evidence by an overzealous investigator or case officer.
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