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1998 Gary Aldrich

The cultural changes in the political staff of the White House were stark and often depressing, for the FBI, the Secret Service, and the permanent staff.

One evening, when Dennis was manning the office, GSA Supervising Carpenter Woody DiGuiseppe stomped in, visibly angry, and said, " Dennis, I'm here to lodge a serious complaint against the Clinton Administration."

"Woody, as I've told you before, our role here is very limited." "Yeah, I know, I know. But, Dennis, I know I trust you, and I don't know about these Clinton people. I'm not even sure of George Saunders anymore--who does he work for, anyway? If you can't do anything about this, you'll know who to pass it on to, right?" " Well, yes, Woody, I suppose. What is it?"

" Look. My guys have to be able to do their work around here, but if the Clinton staff won't let 'em, then how are they going to do it? I had two guys sent down to the first floor to do some work last night, and they couldn't do the job. Do you know why they couldn't do their job, Dennis?"

Woody was shaking with anger. "They couldn't do their job because they walked into a locked office and found two Clinton staffers doing their thing on a desk! That's why!"

"Woody, Woody, Woody, calm down, my friend. Let's have a reality check here. Yes, I know it's the White House, Woody, but there's been sex here before, and there will be sex in offices here long after we're gone. I don't like it, and you don't like it, and it's disgusting, but it's not an issue for the FBI, unless there is some kind of extra-marital affair going on, so...."

"Look, Dennis, you don't understand. It was two guys doing it!"

Barney Frank Would Be Proud.

Posted by: Uncle Bill (emailname) *
09/14/98 03:33:58 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
Faggots trash and democrats! (Homocrats)
From: WACO () *
09/14/98 03:36:00 EDT

Homocrats?!? That's actually pretty funny.
From: Bush2000 (emailname) *
09/14/98 04:16:23 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
I just gave this my copy of the book to my father in law. Is he for a surprise! I already have this lifelong Dem calling for Clinton's resigantion or impeachment.
From: KC_Conspirator ( *
09/14/98 05:04:25 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
Let's all remember, and appreciate, Gary Aldrich is an old fashioned Good Guy. What we always thought the FBI was until we learned better.
From: Mind-numbed Robot ( *
09/14/98 06:51:31 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
Proud?? Where's your common sense,man? One of them was Barney! ;-)
From: Jim F () *
09/14/98 07:58:09 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
oh my how low we have fallen....thank you Mr Bill!
From: Tobias ( *
09/14/98 08:02:19 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
I have passed this book on to numerous friends who always have the same reaction after finishing - shock these these incidents are occuring in the White House. This book provides a clear picture of the White House during the Clinton Administration. If you have a copy, keep passing it on!
From: SkyHawk (emailname) *
09/14/98 08:46:52 EDT

In the old days, before the death of J. Edgar Hoover,the educational prerequisites for new agents was very high.

They had to jointly hold a law degree and CPA credentials. Alas, like every other facet of government service this standard too has been buried in the dirt.

Affirmative action has sought the destruction of every American institution .
From: AMCON1 (emailname) *
09/14/98 08:55:07 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
I read this book, "Unlimited Access" when it first came out in '96. It was just before the elections and I was appalled at what I read. I didn't vote for Clintiigula in '92 and I definitely didn't vote for him in '96. They, the Clintonistas turned the White House into a Whore House overnight. The biggest kicker to me, was the frustration of the two FBI agents that were assigned to do background checks on all of the Clintonista appointees. They just kept on getting the run-around from the WH. Delay, Delay, Delay. Confuse, confuse, confuse. Gary Aldridge finally left out of frustration. And as I understand it, Janet Rhino never had been checked by the FBI because of this.
From: Bird (emailname) *
09/14/98 14:11:30 EDT

Gee! Uncle Bill and Waco. I went to the big city and I saw two men holding hands. HELLO? What is the purpose of this post. Is it the we hate faggots post of the day? People have had sex at work. Some of them are of the same gender. Get over it. Let's move on to the real issues for the rest of us who don't care about your homophobia.
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 14:37:02 EDT

To: bigsigh
North American Men Boys Love Association is the issue
From: po'boy ( *
09/14/98 14:50:35 EDT

To: bigsigh
It is not homophobic to protest unlawful acts being committed on Government property by on duty employees. At Clinton's inauguration it was bad enough to see them cavorting in the streets, but was all the whipping, leather and genitalia touching necessary? A similar situation occurred at Commerce Dept. involving homosexual copulation in/on governemnt property by on-duty/off-duty personnel. What THEY do at HOME is THEIR business. What THEY do on the job is TAXPAYERS BUSINESS!!!
From: donozark ( *
09/14/98 14:52:06 EDT

To: donozark
Word to the ozarks: POINT BEING. Homo and heteros have sex at work. The post was focused and titled in such a way as to overemphasize the problem. Of course it's wrong or in some cases illegal. SO WHAT does this have to do with the serious issues of the day? It's like saying there are gays in the military because of Clinton. All history did not start in 1992. These points only serve to hold those on this site to riducle when there are much more overidding issues. It also shows a tendency to scratch for homosexual issues even when the same problem occurs with heteros. Shall we move on?
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 14:57:29 EDT

To: bigsigh
925. ART. 125. SODOMY

(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration , however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.

(b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Is there some part of this you don't understand ?

Try as he may to provide a social experiment in the military, The Phirst Pervert is unable to keep sodomy from being a court martial offense.

Were he a uniformed officer right now, he would be guilty of a court martial offense.

It is strange that he wanted to be covered as a military man under the soldiers and sailors act, but his lawyers now say he is not subject to the UCMJ.

No greater hypocrite has ever existed on this planet.

And to preempt your response as to my homophobia, let me say;

I have absolutely no fear of homosexuals, I am very simply revulsed and disgusted by them. I have profound pity and sympathy for the man who bends over in front of another man or kneels before him to submit to sodomy, but absolutely condemn the freely chosen act.

CONSTITUTIONALITY. In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of "sodomy" laws prohibiting same-sex intercourse as not violating the right of privacy. Bowers v. Hardwick, 478 U.S. 186 (1986).

""Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics""

--General Colin Powell
From: porgygirl ( *
09/14/98 15:56:00 EDT

To: bigsigh
"Sodomy ain't free and it ain't fer me!" Clinton did not begin "the era of the home." He has however, encouraged this abnormal/dangerous behavior. HIV positive grunts are NON-DEPLOYABLE! Why should some Mother's son, raised/born/nurtured heterosexual face combat when a son raised homosexual can sit on his ASS and draw compensation for an on-the-job, "service incurred illness?" Some 11K troops (at any one time) are doing this! This is the rough equivalent of one light division! If I am hiding behind a sandbag in some Third World Hell-hole I do NOT give a dam if the guy next to me is hetero or homo...I just want the SOB in the SAME counntry as I!

ps: What kind of a job do YOU have where all this "heing and sheing" is going on? US Government?
From: donozark ( *
09/14/98 16:23:17 EDT

To: porgygirl
You made my point in your objection to being called homophobic. I agree on Clinton's behavior. Disagree with the rest. Homosexuals did not just show up in the military in 1992. Guess we won those wars with them posing as heterosexual? I believe people are entitled to engage in behavior which does not harm the person or property of another. If another adult has sex with someone of the same gender, why do you care? Of course it should not take place at work as I replied to the post. Your attitudes will never cause the outcome you desire on this issue, because you are imposing on the basic human rights of others.
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 16:29:05 EDT

To: bigsigh
Homosexual behavior is not a RIGHT, it is a CHOICE. And I choose not to accept those who claim it as a right.
From: Tocsin ( *
09/14/98 16:44:17 EDT

To: donozark
Apparently you are hiding in the bad lands with only the opposite sex, if you are somewhere where there is no heing and sheing. Get a grip on reality. The reason so many convoluted procedures take place in the military is we are slow to admit what is already there so we spend time trying to get rid of folks for what they are and not what they do. I do not support any MOS or combat assigment differences based on homo or hetero. If someone does the job, they're in the spot. As for HIV test and remove. Remember other ways to get HIV, like needles. Surely you can blame the use of drugs in the military on Clinton. Never happened before. GET A REAL ISSUE!
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 16:46:24 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
You don't have to be so FRANK about this!
From: Macklew ( *
09/14/98 16:50:09 EDT

To: bigsigh
When in the military, you are on the job 24 hours a day.

I speak from experience having spent 24 years in submarines.

Yes, there were homosexuals in the military before 1992, as there were murderers, thieves, child molestors,and members guilty of violating all the articles of the UCMJ.It was always demoralizing and debilitating to the mission of the ship, when a violator was brought to Captains Mast or Courts Martial.

The attitude was, and still is, why admit someone to the military that by the nature of their choice in daily behavior violates the oath they will take when they enter ?

Additionally why bring to the fighting machine high risk health hazards associated with behavioral choices.

Homosexuality and Health

We had homosexuals at the some of the commands that I was stationed at during my service. In every case that I was aware of they were given by their immediate commander honorable options [similar to the options given to Kelli Flinn; don't let us here of this again and there will be no action], but always had to make an issue out of it, and always eventually gave the commanders no option but to enforce the UCMJ.
From: porgygirl ( *
09/14/98 16:51:10 EDT

To: bigsigh
"Remember other ways to get HIV, like needles." - There sure are, bigsuck, but the disease originated with perverted behavior by perverts, and spread to "other ways." A queer is a queer!
From: Macklew ( *
09/14/98 17:00:57 EDT

To: bigsigh
If you had any "trigger time" it would be a 'real issue.' I don't need your apparent arrogant attitude telling me to get a grip on reality. If you wish to get personal...I can do it...real quick.

Now, back to COMMON SENSE! Ever seen direct blood transfusions on a battlefield? No time for screening/typing just call out "O POSITIVE!" And DO IT! No rubber gloves. No fireman to wash away possible AIDS contaminated blood. Ever seen a "slick" full of wounded GI's? Lots of blood mixing there. You worry about needles...I'll worry about severed arteries. Point? Clinton and his ilk have so TOTALLY screwed up the military that people are LEAVING by DIVISIONS! They were not qualified in the first place to make decisions that involve combat. Less than 10% of his appointees have been veterans and only 3-4% "combat vets."

Lastly, most of my jobs have NOT been conducive to "sex during work." Apparently yours have been. Lucky guy!
From: donozark ( *
09/14/98 17:02:59 EDT

To: porgygirl
I'm afaid of homosexuals because they are coming after our children. Call me anything you want. They like perverted sex and they want our children to like it, too.
From: donna (emailname) *
09/14/98 17:08:30 EDT

To: donozark
Sex on the job: Not that luck. Point was that the reaction of the person in the post was naive and juvenile "two men having sex!" It is wrong to have sex on the job WH or not men or women. Let's move on. Sex in the military: I am not defending Clinton in general. Whether or not the chief is Washington, Grant, or clinto we have had, have, and will have gays in the military. I believe they have a right and responsibility as citizens to be there. The current policy is convoluted because Clinton does not care about safety above his fear the gay lobby will turn on him (so to speak). During medical screening prior to combat and perhaps twice a year otherwize HIV screening should be done. How many HIV cases IDd in Desert Storn or the military in general. I know maybe not a lot of transfusions. But you cannot eliminate HIV by eliminating gays. Too many in the ranks still doing drugs. My concern is common sense and protection of freedom and basic human rights.
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 17:24:18 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
Was Bildo one of the two guys?
From: contra () *
09/14/98 17:31:25 EDT

To: donna
It must be terrible to live in fear. You should move to our community. Gays have not attacked kids or tried to propagandize them. Some people believe that kids will be straight or gay with or without propadanda. Also, we have more sicko heteros attacking kids than anything else. Your community must be a statistical anomoly. I hope our kids grow us less fearful of others who are just being what they are and who have a right to do so.
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 17:43:57 EDT

To: bigsigh
"But you cannot eliminate HIV by eliminating gays. Too many in the ranks still doing drugs. My concern is common sense and protection of freedom and basic human rights."

Big Sigh

Why not work from the top, and eliminate the highest risk group first [the homosexuals, by a wide margin], and eliminate the druggers with drug screening ?

This stuff is not hard to reason out. Your posts do not display reason, they display a private agenda. You are obviously young, deeply steeped in the homosexual mantra, unable to see the military as a fighting machine, but as a social battleground to deliver what you conceive to be rights to men who would willingly and blatantly violate the code that the forces have sworn to God and country to uphold.

This is simple, sigh, ART 125 says "do it and you get kicked out.." We all know that the compulsion to commit sodomy is so overwhelming that homosexuals cannot be celibate, witness the steam rooms of San Francisco, where GRID began, all HIV cases stem from, and HIV is knowingly transferred daily !

Why in the world would one enter into a fraudulent agreement with his employer, his Nation, and his God? And, who would defend one who enters such a fraudulent agreement.

I guess you fall in the latter, and maybe the former?
From: porgygirl ( *
09/14/98 17:53:12 EDT

To: porgygirl
Well you missed on all counts of your personal description of me. Is it unconceivable to you that someone other than the person you described can have this viewpoint. You will not eliminate gays in the military. They have been forbidden for ever, but they are there. Time to test people and make everyone a little safer. Healthy folks can stay in or would be combat ready gay or otherwise. You can characterize gay sex as sodomy and quote the supreme court decision, but we all have a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The government should not restrict these rights if people do not harm the property or person of another.
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 17:59:21 EDT

To: bigsigh

"Some people believe that kids will be straight or gay with or without propadanda"

Yes, and we call those people Fools, Idiots, and in the worst cases, school teachers.

Homo is filthy, un-natural, and destructive. - Eight of the ten worst serial killers were homos. - Homos are 4-5 times as likely as normal people to kill or be killed.

You need to wake-up and smell the caca. - Homosex is the sexuality of Satan. - God has thoroughly condemned homosexuality, in God's word it is denied even a name.

It is, in short, typically Clintonian. - 90% of the harm that Clinton has done to this Nation has been through promoting homosex and abortion.

From: editor-surveyor ( *
09/14/98 18:07:18 EDT

To: Uncle Bill
That reminds me of a joke:

Two guys are walking down the street - and they come across a dog - licking its own genitals.

The one guy says "Gee, I wish I could do that"

The other guy looks at the dog, looks at his friend, and says " I think you better pet him first.

From: Dennis in Lebanon, PA ( *
09/14/98 18:10:26 EDT

To: bigsigh
Grow up! The urge homosexuals have for sex in exactly the same as Clinton's. They are just indulging in sin

They aren't born that way because God doesn't make a sin that can't be overcome.

Clinton and homosexuals are obsessed with sex because they choose that path. And just like Clinton they want us all to say it is okay.

All homosexuals were sexually abused as children or are obsessed with pornography. A culture that approves of them will decline just as ours will if we approve of Clinton's behavior.

And another reason to "fear" them is that they gave Clinton $6 million to get him elected. Proof positive that they are dangerous. Who will they back next time?
From: donna (emailname) *
09/14/98 18:12:07 EDT

To: editor-surveyor
Apparently you have "chosen" not to be homosexual! Congratulation. Whether you think something is dirty or not it is not being done too you. These people have a right to be who they are and participate in our society. This is american, not your religious or moral view of the way things should be. You have a right to them, but no right to restrict others based upon your beliefs. If someone is harming someone else, including children, lock them up. Otherwize you have no right to restrict their sexual behavior or their beliefs. If you are truely conservative, you would believe in human rights. If your religious don't impose your brand on other. Simple?
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 18:13:39 EDT

To: bigsigh

"These people have a right to be who they are and participate in our society."

No, they do not. - No body has a "right" to spread disease, destroy children's lives, or defile the very ground that they walk on.

Accepting homosex will bring further judgement upon this once-great nation. - It's not "religion," - that can cover any ugly fetid sex cult you could invent. - It's God's laws and the penalty for disobediance is Death, Eternal Damnation.

Simple? - That word describes you to a T.

From: editor-surveyor ( *
09/14/98 18:25:17 EDT

To: bigsigh
To donna, Please don't be embarrassed or intimidated by Bigsuck's cynical response. As one who has a VERY active interest in all matters homosexual, he obviously must know that they actively recruit and assault whenever and wherever possible. Hence, the "Rainbow Curriculum" in NY; hence the fact that 30% of all child molestations are committed by queers -- despite the fact they make up only 1% of the population. And, let's face it, the fact is perverse people do perverse things, on the job and at large -- whether it's clinton in the Oval Office or his anal retentive friends wherever they are allowed to push their agenda. A personal note: Over 25 years ago, when I was a young lobbyist in Washington, I was suddenly groped by a homosexual top senate aid named Richard Smith (he promised to help my client if I would acquiesce. I DID NOT.) When I chastised him (much more mildly tan I would today), he warned me that he and his homosexual friends on "The Hill" had a network, and that anyone who crossed them would pay a price. That was in 1972 -- imagine their power today! You are right to be wary of this highly organized phalanx of faggots. But do not be fearful; by brains or brawn, we will prevail. Trust me.
From: clews ( *
09/14/98 18:25:24 EDT

To: bigsigh
If someone agrees to be harmed during sex is that their right? If I was able to find a homosexual that would agree to me killing them during the sex act is that permissible? Both consenting adults both doing what makes them feel good. Or should a society try to regulate the behavior because it is essentially self destructive. As is all sodomy, and any sexual activity, hetero and homo, using the anus.
From: Tocsin ( *
09/14/98 18:27:18 EDT

To: bigsigh
I claim the right to restrict this behavior because it will destroy our culture.

I'm tried of paying for AIDS and all other sexual diseases. I'm tried of sexual perverts attacking our children. I'm tried of young men and women being demeaned so perverts can indulge their desires. I'm tried of our military being torn apart by sex. I'm tried of Heather Has Two Mommys being slipped into our schools. I'm tried of Hollywood pushing the envelope. I'm tried of Clinton and his amoral friends acting like animals.

I claim the right to say STOP.
From: donna (emailname) *
09/14/98 18:29:07 EDT

To: donna
There is a lot of behavior I don't approve of that people have a right to. Did any gays contribute to Republicans? Growing up to me means living out the basic values and freedoms of our country and allowing others the same right.
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 18:30:19 EDT

To: bigsigh
No, consider this the I HATE FAGGOTS POST of the day. Also God hated them so much that he distroyed Soddam and Ghomorrah for that SIN. cALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE QUEER!!!!
From: dufuss (emailname) *
09/14/98 18:31:53 EDT

To: dufuss
Well I'm overwhelmned at this poitn. Going to the store and hope I don't run into any gay faggot recruiters. I especially enjoyed the personal attacks and the restrictive vew of civil rights for all americans. I'm going out now to ID some other bespoilers of our culture and propose we restrict their rights too. Who'll join our group? Later!
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 18:36:58 EDT

To: bigsigh

I went to the big city and I saw two men holding hands. HELLO?

Here's a clue, bigsigh. Homosexual sex is a mistake -- it is not a good thing. It is a deadening thing.

There are fewer sure ways of isolating one's body from one's spirit than by homosexual acts.

I live just down the road from New Hope, dude. Homosexuals, as the class is known in NYC, New Hope and San Francisco, are very creative and highly interesting people.

But the practise of homosexuality is no strength to them -- it is a sad and terrible indulgence and a misdirection of those very wonderful and powerful spiritual and intellectual resources they have been gifted with, those same gifts that can draw them to homosexual activity.

How much greater the spirit and life of a person who we may say is a "fem" or a "hunk" if that person redirects his impluses into a good outlet?

Say, fer example, friend, that I am a natural born killer. Do you think that there are no such babies brought into this world?

Am I excused my killing because it's my natural bent? My genes put me to it?

No way. My impulses towards murder must be redirected by intellectual and social forces. They MUST be turned to the good.

With time, patience, forebearance and the help of others and the Big Guy, these impulses dwindle and other spiritual muscles are developed in their place. Those rewards, those worked for rewards, far exceed the brief interludes of quick pleasures filled in the service of lust, blood, sex, gluttony, whatever.

A character of children's literature that comes to mind is L. Frank Baum's the Hungry Tiger from the Land of OZ. A ferocious and constantly hungry man and girl eater of a tiger, yet he restricts his diet (fish and veggies is it?) for the sake of being a member of society and a good companion.

Do you know, bigsigh, how much OZ is a part to the homosexual and bisexual lexicon and even iconized in those groups? The movie is full of references and double-entedres about that "lifestyle".

They should only actually read the books.
From: bvw ( *
09/14/98 18:41:14 EDT

To: bigsigh
You want to know about Clinton, blood, gays, and AIDS? Huh? I bet you're asking this bodily fluid tainted or clean? I guess the risk all depends on how bad you want it. Ya wanna try to "get lucky"? Well, do ya punk? :~) just got AIDS

And...the White House is the last place you want to hide. It's the sodomy stupid!
From: spycatcher ( *
09/14/98 18:42:29 EDT

To: bigsigh
Get over your hetrophobia.
From: mscasey () *
09/14/98 18:44:33 EDT

To: bigsigh
I guess you did not read my link, so I will make it available to you again.

Homosexuals and Health

The Supreme Court, the lawmakers in the statehouses and the framers of the UCMJ, did not write laws against sodomy to be mean to people who are born with an overwhelmining urge to sodomize each other and animals, and thereby remove some purported "right" to behave in this depraved manner.

They wrote the laws because this behavior is wrong, it is extremely unhealthy, and it flies in the face of all that is sacred and good about the God given wonder of sex and procreation.

HIV/GRID is only one of the results of the selfish homosexual behavior, hepatitis, herpes, gonohrea and syphillis were pretty much under control until the "gay movement" rose up, now they are epidemic once again.Read the policy paper in the hyperlink !

If you are not young, you are certainly naive, and easily swayed by your emotions over reason.

There is simply no reason on this planet to support the behavior of men having sex with men.
From: porgygirl ( *
09/14/98 18:44:55 EDT

To: bigsigh
Get over your heterophobia. This is disgusting.
From: mscasey () *
09/14/98 18:46:47 EDT

To: bigsigh
" living out the basic values and freedoms of our country and allowing others the same right.".

Exactly, you either have basic values or you don't.
From: donna (emailname) *
09/14/98 18:53:25 EDT

To: donna
" Grow up! The urge homosexuals have for sex in exactly the same as Clinton's. They are just indulging in sin They aren't born that way because God doesn't make a sin that can't be overcome. Clinton and homosexuals are obsessed with sex because they choose that path. And just like Clinton they want us all to say it is okay. All homosexuals were sexually abused as children or are obsessed with pornography. A culture that approves of them will decline just as ours will if we approve of Clinton's behavior. And another reason to "fear" them is that they gave Clinton $6 million to get him elected. Proof positive that they are dangerous. Who will they back next time? From: donna (emailname) *"Your post is amazing. Do you really believe what you wrote? The level of ignorance, bigotry and fear is stunning. You really do need to meet some real people who are Gay. Learn a bit about them and learn a bit about homosexuality before you make such an obscene post.

I am still amazed at the fear and hatred, and total bunk being expressed in this thread. The fear literally oozes of the screen. Amazing…
From: ashisalive ( *
09/14/98 18:58:08 EDT

To: bigsigh
You have repeated over and over that homosexual behavior is a "right." Legally speaking, you are dead wrong. That was the point of the post about the Supreme Court case, which held that states may outlaw homosexual behavior because there is no right to engage in it.

Furthermore, your use of the term homophobia is objectionable, because it implies that it is somehow dysfunctional to be repulsed by, or object to, homosexual behavior. Most normal people feel some revulsion when they think of same sex couples simulating intercourse. Furthermore, many, many people believe homosexual behavior is wrong on moral grounds. There is nothing dysfunctional about that. It is simply another sign of the degradation we are now experiencing that perjorative terms are attached to people who still believe in the standards and culture that have endured for thousands of years.
From: lady lawyer () *
09/14/98 19:02:01 EDT

To: lady lawyer
I forgot to mention, there is no right to homosexual behavior under any international human rights documents, either.
From: lady lawyer () *
09/14/98 19:04:52 EDT

To: ashishomo
I have in my 60 years on this planet,worked for homosexuals, had homosexuals work for me, had homosexuals in my family and served in the military with homosexuals. My guess is I met my first homosexual before you were a twinkle in your old man's eye. I was disgusted by the depraved sexual behavior each one chose, and watched many of them die due to their choice.And I guess at least once a year you celebrate the fact that your Daddy was not homosexual.

Don't attempt to lecture us about "fear" of homosexuals, and how we don't understand them, and how we are bigots because we don't endorse their depraved behavior !

Your shrill rhetoric born of the KOOLAID you chose to drink when you got on your knees and slavered to the homosexual agenda just does not play here. We won't drink the KOOLAID, and we won't endorse the revolting and disgusting practices you CHOOSE to engage in.

Men having sex with men is on the same moral level as men having sex with animals, and in fact has the same name SODOMY.

Why would any FR regular be surprised that ASH engages in and promotes sodomy !

Born or Bred

From: porgygirl ( *
09/14/98 19:24:44 EDT

To: ashisalive

You silly goose, you are expressing your own emotions, not mine.

From: donna (emailname) *
09/14/98 19:33:49 EDT

To: clews
It's so slow today, I can't even keep up in a good argument.

Thank you for your post. For a group who claim they are harmless and not recruiting, we sure run up against them a lot don't we?

I've decided to just say no on this issue from now on. I have no more patience for these sex crazed people who are determined to drag us down with them. They know they are wrong, just like Clinton does. They just want to keep having perverted sex and force us to watch.
From: donna (emailname) *
09/14/98 19:42:10 EDT

To: porgygirl
Italics and Sodomy Off
From: editor-surveyor ( *
09/14/98 19:43:42 EDT

To: donna

"I've decided to just say no on this issue from now on."

That's the only way to have it. - Whenever one of our standard Heterophobes starts spewing their vile propaganda, we have to shout them out of the debate. - That's the method they used to get their foot in the door, and that's the way to sever it in the doorjamb.

From: editor-surveyor ( *
09/14/98 19:48:48 EDT

To: porgygirl
"Why would any FR regular be surprised that ASH engages in and promotes sodomy !"

You prove my post...your own words paint you for what your are. If one reads the entirety of your posts on this thread, your fear and ignorance is without doubt.

Actually you have changed my mind. Before, I was out to berate you for your words. But now, after some thought, I will just pray for you. For your fear and ignorance is a great wall between you and life. I hope you find your own salvation from you self-induced nightmares.
From: ashisalive ( *
09/14/98 19:55:28 EDT

To: lady lawyer
Wheew. I needed that break after being flamed and called everything in the book. I went to the local schools, shopping mall, and restaurants. Can report no conversions from hetero to homo so far this school year. No recruitment tables at the mall, but I do suspect that one of the waiters was "one". Dear lady Lawyer. Thank you for your exhaustive search of international law to see if there is a right to be gay. You found none. Please report on your search to see if hetero is prohibited or required anywhere. I assume that you may find a few countries outlaw homo, but no right to be hetero. So what do we do now? How about a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How about equal protection under the law. How about the right not to have your rights restricted by the religious beliefs of others. I also believe that some one has the right to freedom of behavior if they don't harm the person or property of another. Yes this is a standard libertarian view. Just because we may find someone's nehavior repulsive or disguxting does not give us a right to restrict their freedom. This is the one issue on this site where conservatives limit the freedom of others. I posit that they do not have that right.
From: bigsigh ( *
09/14/98 23:34:50 EDT

To: bigsigh
You say the beliefs of these perverts doesn't affect me, that it's private. You're wrong. They preach their perverted gospel all the time, and try to make new recruits. And people like you help them. I hope my kids never have a teacher who thinks like you.

A friend of mine was quite normal. When he moved to the big city (he was maybe 22 years old), he fell in with the wrong crowd. He came down with AIDS and died miserably a few years later. A young man with a lot of potential was recruited while he was lonely, and he was essentially murdered. What a waste.

What they do in private affects me, because what they do is evil and disease-ridden, and we pay a terrible price for it.
From: Rocky (emailname) *
09/15/98 00:15:56 EDT

To: bigsigh
No. Most people do not have sex at work.
From: commomsense () *
09/15/98 00:23:09 EDT

To: commomsense
Where have you been. Your actually addressing the original issue with this post. Thanx! Of course most people don't have sex at work. All I've said is this is a juvenile overreaction (two guys) in the post/ Pf yhose who have had sex at work can we stipulate that some are hetero and some are homo? By the ay is tour name pronounced come on sense?
From: bigsigh ( *
09/15/98 00:27:37 EDT

From: rahn (emailname) *
09/15/98 00:31:30 EDT

To: Rocky
The gear of teacher criteria is mutual Sorry about your friend, but he had a right to do what he did with his life. When you say fell in with the wrong crowd, he was part of the crowd unless he was forcibly kidnapped, unknowingly drugged or otherwise held against his will. By the way, I do not agree with the government's handling of the aids epidemic. We should have handled it like past epidemics. Info to contacts etc. I am just addressing a narrow, but I think basic point on human rights.
From: bigsigh ( *
09/15/98 00:34:15 EDT

To: Lurkers
From: Uncle Bill (emailname) *
11/19/98 20:13:21 PST

To: porgygirl
Am I correct in assuming sodomy is defined as: anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex (or in homosexuality, a member of the same sex?)

This thread has a lot of posts condemning homosexuals for their activities. What about all the heterosexuals who engage in oral sex?

I thought it was supposed to be "hate the sin, love the sinner," but you're singling out people who are attracted to the same sex.

Gee, try enforcing a sodomy law against straight people!
From: TheFilter ( *
11/19/98 20:31:37 PST

To: Uncle Bill
So, on what page of Unlimited Access does Mr. Aldrich express his outrage about Waco?

If the answer is "none", my diagnosis is severe moral myopia produced by recto-cranial inversion.
From: steve-b ( *
11/19/98 20:46:08 PST

To: Uncle Bill
This thread has been dormant for two months...wonder why it was resurrected...hmmm...beginning to think someone has some deal with.
From: garbanzo ( *
11/19/98 20:53:11 PST

To: Uncle Bill


1 Posted on 08/05/2000 01:05:21 PDT by Joe Montana
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To: bigsigh

BTW, what percentage of this nation's populance are homosexuals? Just seems to me this was the day for posts about people that have made an alternative choice, and one calling Cheney's daughter (31 years old) a queer. Would appeared to me those of us at FR have more concerns about the nation as a whole, than these mud, dung and garbage slingers. I have come to think these very same mud slingers are acting more as if having a guilt complex trip, and need seeing there doctor instead of coming to FR.

2 Posted on 08/05/2000 01:16:14 PDT by Reschev
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To: Joe Montana


3 Posted on 08/05/2000 01:35:18 PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: Reschev

Peole who hate have a lot of energy and adrenalin!

4 Posted on 08/05/2000 07:54:49 PDT by bigsigh
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To: Uncle Bill

Look, Dennis, you don't understand. It was two guys doing it!"

HIS ANSWER ooh whew!! for a minute i thought it was hitlery and one of her female interns.

5 Posted on 08/05/2000 08:44:21 PDT by exmarine1
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To: bigsigh

The way I read it, it was making fun of the agent, he wasn't surprised that he found two people having sex on the desk, he was upset because it was two guys. BTW, I don't believe the story, I have no reson to believe or doubt it, so the default is to doubt it as it serves the political agenda of others to believe it.

People who work 9 to 5 jobs, and more likely around here, the 7 to 3 set, can't imagine people having sex at work. Personally, I never have, well there was that once but I worked in a disco so that doesn't count. But people who work long and odd hours and whose entire life is wound up in work and the place where they work, often do many things at work that other people do at home, like balancing their checkbooks.

6 Posted on 08/05/2000 08:55:12 PDT by Mabry
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To: Mabry

Mabry Member since 07/18/2000


7 Posted on 08/05/2000 09:00:35 PDT by exmarine1
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To: Mabry

I read the post the same way you did. I was responding to the other reply.

In my 12 years experience with hundreds of internal affairs investigations, we had one with employee's having sex at work and 3 or 4 with sex between employees and inmates.

8 Posted on 08/05/2000 09:01:47 PDT by bigsigh
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To: bigsigh



9 Posted on 08/05/2000 09:33:29 PDT by exmarine1
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To: bigsigh



10 Posted on 08/05/2000 09:34:11 PDT by exmarine1
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To: exmarine1

And has killed some innocent kids............

11 Posted on 08/05/2000 22:33:17 PDT by bigsigh
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12 Posted on 11/15/2000 17:29:06 PST by Uncle Bill
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To: donna

All homosexuals were sexually abused as children or are obsessed with pornography

I can't help but be impressed with the success of the FRC in indoctrinating idiots like you.

13 Posted on 11/16/2000 10:42:22 PST by ZOPHAR
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To: Mabry

But people who work long and odd hours and whose entire life is wound up in work and the place where they work, often do many things at work that other people do at home, like balancing their checkbooks.

I see, that's the "sex excuse", it's a physical thing. Much like racists have the "white-skin-excuse", that too is a physical thing.

Gees, some commitment to be glorified by people like you I guess. The hell with those who are threatened by such vile attitudes; that is, the hell with people living by their biological mandate of 'heterosexuality', and those who are blacks in the later case.

The rainbow hatred of humanity outside and transcending the physical impulses and wishes is alive and well indeed.

14 Posted on 11/16/2000 11:00:08 PST by lavaroise
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The truth

15 Posted on 11/16/2000 12:43:29 PST by donna
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To: donna

I have no doubt that you believe what you have said. That is why you are an idiot. It's one thing to be deceived by those you look to for guidance. It's quite another to hold on to that after you know it isn't true. It is impossible for a person to believe as you do in world where you don't even have to leave your house to be exposed to new people and ideas. If you believe all that FRC garbage it is because you choose to hang with their trash. Water seeks it's own level.

16 Posted on 11/16/2000 14:21:54 PST by ZOPHAR
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Calm down. What do you care what I think? Leave the Boy Scouts alone and I'll leave you alone.

What is the FRC?

17 Posted on 11/16/2000 14:40:20 PST by donna
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To: clews

Something like that happened to me while riding a trolly in of all places, San Francisco. A sodomite who was on the trolly grabbed my arse as he leapt off at a corner stop and then turned around to see my reaction. I wasn't very pleased and let him know it. If I had not been in a hurry to get where I was going, I probably would have jumped off and commenced to kick the living *&%$ out of him.

18 Posted on 11/16/2000 15:16:33 PST by semaj
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To: Manny Festo


19 Posted on 01/01/2001 09:18:15 PST by Inspector Harry Callahan
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