Champion Burr Oak

Helping a Champion

Thirty years ago, Bill Spradley was a freshman at the University of Missouri and became one of countless mid-Missourians to fall in love with the massive bur oak tree.


Spradley is a certified arborist & Owner of Trees, Forest & Landscape, Inc out of Kirkwood . MO

If you want to contact him Call 314-821-9918

On March 11 th 2008 with the help of horticulturist Chris Starbuck, who lives not far from the tree and landowner, John Sam Williams on.

Spradley, his crew from his Kirkwood and other volunteers cam to give the Great Tree and helping hand.


See article in Columbia Tribune:


It was an honor to meet Bill Spradley and some of the crew and I was so happy to see The Burr Oak get some much needed help. I and Others from the Village of Huntsdale and surrounding locals have been trying to find ways to minimize the cars from driving over the roots and making ruts in the surrounding soil.



John Sam Williams on worked with us on some dirt mounds and with the help of Boy Scout volunteers we have Planted Flowers 2 years now to make it look nicer, in hope that visitors would not trash out the area and cause damage to the tree. Ms. Patty of Huntsdale also tries to keep the Marker Rock Festive by painting it for the different Holidays (weather permitting).



The little we have done has helped some but we need to do more!

I am calling out for help from the Community to help the Champion Burr Oak stay

Healthy and the area a place to enjoy for years to come.


  • We are in need of Rocks to border the area so that cars do not cross over.
  • Native flowers that can easily grow in shade & some in full sun.
  • A Trash can that will drain water and can not be easily removed by Vandals
  • Hand-On Help in getting all this done.


If you have any suggestions and or are willing to help please contact me

Ana Lopez