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Instead of throwing away the empty cartridges from your printer,fax machine and desktop copier. Or your old cell phone.

You can drop off or call for us to pick them up!

This program runs year-round, accumulating constant income for our efforts to raise

funds for our Town needs.

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Designer's Plumbing & Hardware 4800 Santan Circle Suite L

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Huntsdale Festival Committe


The purpose and objective of the Annual Huntsdale Festival is to raise funds for the town of Huntsdale and promote the town as a place for people to come and enjoy for its historic and recreational aspects. The purpose and objective of the Huntsdale Festival committee is to establish, advertise, recruit volunteers and perpetuate the continuation of the Annual Huntsdale Festival.


•  Appointed office holders of the Huntsdale Festival Committee are expected to attend 2/3 of the committee meetings for the year they hold office.

•  Core members are the few individuals that have been members of the Huntsdale Festival Committee since the start of the committee in 2004, or for a minimum of 5 years.

•  The Town Historian shall have a lifetime membership in the Huntsdale Festival Committee in honor of their advisory position on matters of the town's history.

•  Any civic-minded individual in Huntsdale Missouri and its surrounding communities that have attended at least (3) three of the year's meetings and actively participated/assisted with a variety of key tasks for the festival, clean-up, and/or fund raising events.

•  Only members meeting the above stated criteria shall have the right to vote on committee items.


OFFICERS:  The power to govern shall be vested in 3 officers: Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, and Treasurer

COORDINATOR: Is responsible for coordinating all the activities involved in putting on and perpetuating the Annual Huntsdale Festival. Establishing dates for the festival with key sponsors & re-enactors trying not conflict with other know local activities within a 50-mile radius. Appoints members to handle advertising, volunteers, and other tasks as deemed necessary. Contacting & scheduling vendors, musicians, re-enactors, etc. to Report all planned activities/events, financial status, and answer any questions of the Huntsdale Town Council at the Town Meetings.

ASSISTANT COORDINATOR: (appointed by the Coordinator) Is responsible for assisting the Coordinator in fulfilling the duties of office. Shall take notes for meetings for the purpose keeping track of all the various tasks, etc. that are decided upon. Assisting the Coordinator in any of the tasks necessary for meetings and setting up the festival. Shall assume the role of acting Coordinator in the event that the Coordinator is not able to be present.

TREASURER: (Town Council Treasurer) The Treasurer shall collect and disburse Festival Account funds; shall keep records of expenditures and revenues; and execute all other duties necessary to carry out the office of the Treasurer for the Huntsdale Festival Committee.